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Terms and Conditions
  • Magic Carpet is an independent travel entity and it earns commissions from respective resort and homestay owners for making reservations.
  • Magic Carpet team have verified information listed on the All homestays will not be suitable for all segments of guests, so the guests are advised to take their own decisions and form their own judgments based on information available in the website. Incase of doubt, the guests are expected to raise queries and clarify issues before making a reservation.
  • Guests are requested to bring along with them any one of the following Identity Proofs - PAN Card, Drivers License (for Indian nationals) or Passport (for foreigners).
  • Magic Carpet always strives to give suggestions as per best available information. However in case any shortfall in services (as against what is promised or what can be reasonably expected for such a service) by any homestay owner or service provider is established, Magic Carpet would stand responsible for making appropriate refunds. This compensation shall not exceed the total sum charged for your booking.
  • Payment is never held by Magic Carpet on behalf of the hotel and is always dispatched to the homestay owner to ensure that the room is held on a firm basis.
  • For any reason if the homestay owner or Magic Carpet team has cancelled the reservations (Overbooking, wrong booking or any other reason), then immediate refund shall be given to the guest without any deduction.
  • For any cancellation made by the guest, you will be paid refund strictly as per the cancellation policy stated in the payment page.
  • We reserve the right to increase or reduce prices on our website. Such changes will not affect the price you pay which is fully guaranteed once we have issued our confirmation invoice.
  • We also reserve the right to terminate your booking at any time without making any refund to you if you or any other member of your party commits any illegal act or behaves in such a way as to spoil other guests’ enjoyment of their booking or to prevent our service providers from delivering services booked by you or any other party.
  • Under any circumstances Magic Carpet is bound by the rules of homestay owners or service providers and will process cancellations and will act as per that. Magic Carpet is obliged to do co-ordination on behalf of the guest. However in case of any legal dispute related to refunds, cancellations, postponements etc., guest will have to take that up directly with the Homestay Owners or Service Provider management. Magic Carpet will be obliged to provide all contact details, documentation and other support to facilitate such an action, as the guest or guest’s legal counsel may require it. However on-site representation of the case will not be possible.

For any clarification of the above you may write to

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